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October 2016 exhibitions

Rachel Douglass & Lea Hawkins
Rachel Douglass & Lea Hawkins

17th Sep > 5th Nov
Access Gallery

This photographic and mixed media exhibition is a collaborative body of work, created by Photographer Lea Hawkins and local artist Rachel Douglass. It is centered on a young woman’s personal journey with genetic Breast Cancer. The exhibition seeks to capture the essence of ‘strength’, ‘resilience’ and ‘hope’, through powerful images. The central theme is the duality between the vulnerability faced by all young women confronted with the disease and the strength necessary to prevail. The works experiment with the concepts of ‘metamorphosis’, ‘identity’ and the ‘individual’.

Curated by Max Dingle | Featuring works from the Dingle Hughes Collection
Steve Harrison 'But I know so Little', porcelain bowl, 1996
Curated by Max Dingle | Featuring works from the Dingle Hughes Collection

17th Sep > 5th Nov
Main Gallery

From the story of the first creation of Adam in the bible, clay has always been associated with the act of creating. Making something from the earth and consigning it to the flames is a process that is almost mystical and throughout the ages artists have demonstrated the beauty of the handmade via this art form.

From the 1960’s through to today, from major works by Ivan Englund, Alan Peascod and Ken Leveson through to contemporary works by Glenn Barkley and Steve Harrison, this exhibition displays ceramics of great innovation and substance, across a broad sphere of pieces made by Shoalhaven artists to works found in our local cultural collections.

Derry Messum
Derry Messum

17th Sep > 5th Nov
East Gallery

Australia has a history of journeys.

Adrift in the South Pacific this island continent is a long way from everywhere, a long way from one side to the other.

Fare away in time the first people made a journey into the unknown, followed one way or another by a range of waifs and wayfarers, adventurers and dreamers, migrants and refugees.

All share notions of homeland, of familiarity and alienation, of possession and loss, of adjustments and personal transitions.

The idea of the journey covers a lot of ground.

This exhibition covers a small part of it.