Arts Board Grants 2017-2018

The Shoalhaven Arts Board is encouraging local art practitioners to apply for funding under the Board's Annual Grant funding program. The first category is Developing the Arts for a sense of place with two (2) grants of up to $5000 each. The Board envisages projects that build a sense of place for the Shoalhaven through artistic and creative collaborations.
The second category offers funding opportunity for projects that seek to create and install public art throughout the city with a grant available under this category of up to $10,000.
Three (3) workshops for artists and organisations interested in applying for the grants will be held in three different locations (Bay & Basin; Ulladulla and Nowra) with attendance at one of these workshops a condition of the grant. Details of the workshops are on the application form. Forms and guidelines will be available from Shoalhaven City Arts Centre in mid 2017.

You can download earlier examples of application forms and guidelines here: Shoalhaven Arts Grant 2016-2017 Application Form; Shoalhaven Arts Grant 2016-2017 Guidelines.

 For more information please call the Arts Centre on (02) 4429 5444.

These documents cover the main areas of interest. These are:

  • The Public Art Policy (PDF, 135kb) provides an integrated framework for Council to encourage and support excellence, innovation and aspirations of the Shoalhaven region through the display and installation of public art.

  • Developing Public Art - Themes And 'Sense Of Place' (PDF, 6MB) is a plan commissioned by the Shoalhaven City Council and prepared by Ayling Drury - Landscape Architects. The document examines themes and locations as well as best practice and a recommended implementation plan for public art in the Shoalhaven.

Shoalhaven Heads Swimming Pool Commmunity Mural

Nowra Alive

Nowra Alive was initiated in the second half of 2104 as an overarching vision for the Nowra CBD. It is about creating, collaborating and connecting with community and business to activate the CBD as well as about encouraging a culture of events, programs, activities and infrastructure that will add vitality to the CBD.

Have you seen THOROUGH_FAIR in the Nowra CBD?

It's next door to the Arts Centre and forms part of an old disused laneway that now showcases some amazing art including world- renowned street artist, Guido Van Helten. In December 2014 Guido transformed a blank wall into Nowra's largest mural depicting a 1955 photo taken by the late Jeff Carter of a fisherman mending a net at Greenwell Point. It was a special moment in the Shoalhaven.

Are you an artist with an interest in public art or someone who would like to initiate a public art project?

The Guidelines and Checklists will assist you to assess how your project might develop and guide you through a process to achieve a great outcome.

smArtspaces - Shoalhaven City Council Arts & Cultural Heritage Strategy

smARTspaces (PDF, 1MB) aligns the City's Arts & Cultural Heritage Strategy with broader objectives and incorporates the fundamentals of good governance and Council's core guiding principles to ensure the effective and efficient use of Council's resources to contribute to the community's wellbeing and sustainable development in the region.