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December 2014 exhibitions
Multicultural - Collaboration between an African inmate and two Aboriginal artists (one of 10 panels)
Multicultural - Collaboration between an African inmate and two Aboriginal artists (one of 10 panels)
15 Nov > 28 Mar
Launch:  15 Nov 12:00

South Coast Correctional Centre Inmates


The South Coast Correctional Centre commenced operation in 2010 catering primarily to inmates from the South Coast, between Helensburgh and the Victorian border. Inmates are encouraged to develop increased levels of self-responsibility and to improve motivation to participate in offence-related, transitional and resettlement programs. Opportunities are provided for their participation in education, work, vocational training and programs.

Signalling the beginning of ongoing collaborations between South Coast Correctional Centre and Shoalhaven City Arts Centre, you are invited to the first exhibition of panel artworks lining the walls of the gallery courtyard. Each panel showcases works from inmates at the centre in South Nowra under the education program.

The Courtyard Gallery exhibition is a hint of what is to come in 2015.

We thank all participating inmates and invite family, friends and visitors to enjoy the artworks while sitting in the Art Centre Courtyard during the summer months.

The Shoalhaven City Arts Centre acknowledges the involvement of Tanya Bennett and Randall Sinnamon in bringing this project to the public.


13 Dec > 21 Feb
Launch:  13 Dec 12 > 2pm

Drawing Class Exhibition 2014

East Gallery

The Drawing classes held by Linda Dening at the Annex are in their second year. In these classes a wide range of drawing ideas and approaches are explored. The fundamentals of drawing are covered, elements and principals, materials, tools and techniques. We also look at art making, discuss and develop concepts, visit and discuss exhibitions. As part of the course, Shoalhaven City Arts Centre supports a student exhibition. This assists students to consider further developing their individual arts practice as well as moving on to further education in the arts.

Elisabeth Cummings Piero Still Life 2014 monotype (detail) © courtesy of the artist
Elisabeth Cummings Piero Still Life 2014 monotype (detail) © courtesy of the artist
13 Dec > 23 Feb
Launch:  13 Dec 12 > 2pm


Main Gallery, Foyer Gallery, Access Gallery

Elisabeth Cummings is one of Australia's the most respected artists, though for most of her artistic life the respect and celebration of her talents has been by her peers, it is only in the last few years that the “market” has discovered that Elisabeth Cummings is one of the greatest artists this country has produced. This exhibition brings to the Shoalhaven a survey of her more recent paintings inspired by still life and the landscape. Curated by Max Dingle, in collaboration with King Street Gallery on William.


08 Dec > 17 Jan
Launch:  13 Dec 12 > 2pm


East Gallery

Maryanne Wick and Szilvia Gyorgy met at the Newington Armory studios at Sydney Olympic Park in 2008. Wick was undertaking an artist residency and Gyorgy's studio is based there. As a painter and a potter, they were drawn to each other's work and found that they shared a similar aesthetic in their art practice; quiet compositions based on sense of place, simplicity of form, light, shadow and nature. Wick, primarily a painter of still life, went on to create her series ‘Still Life and Saurian' in 2009, which featured Gyorgy's pottery and hand-made objects in each painting. The artists have come together again, but this time in a more deliberate attempt to create a body of work. Their joint collaboration combines paintings, ceramics, drawing and collage, using traditional and natural materials that explore the possibilities and boundaries of 2D and 3D still life composition.